70% Hand Sanitizer Gel - 6 Pack of 33.81 fl. oz  - FDA Registered

70% Hand Sanitizer Gel - 6 Pack of 33.81 fl. oz - FDA Registered

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Shine and Clean Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is effective and naturally moisturizing hand sanitizer is made with 70% Ethyl Alcohol And kills 99.9% of germs in 15 seconds. The high alcohol content with the addition of a small amount of water facilitates the destruction of the envelope protein that surrounds many viruses, while the aloe protects your skin. 

Our Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is liquid formula made in accordance with WHO and FDA registered  that is: 

  • Fast Acting & Effective at Killing Germs
  • Unscented
  • Absorbed Quickly, and Leaves No Residue


According to the CDC, when water and soap are not available, hand sanitizers with 70-75% concentrations of ethyl alcohol are effective in fighting the spread of viruses. 

Active ingredients : Ethyl Alcohol 70%

Volume : 33.81 fl oz (1 Liter)

NDC/DLS Number: 76753-001-01

 *Please note container styles (the physical appearance) may vary. 


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